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Don’t let warmer temperatures slow you down, because the competition is heating up. Just take a glance at our team page and you will see what we are talking about.

As of today, our results start tallying and our leader board will show the top 10 individuals, teams and companies in the running for our grand prizes. We have many returning champions, including, Fidelity Investments, ADP, Inc. and ARUP, who will have to hold off strong newcomers like Questar and L-3 Communications.

The competition is fierce, so be sure to input all your trips and miles by next Monday at 10 a.m. Miss the deadline, and you might just miss out on a weekly prize!


trips-saveYou can now use the TravelWise Tracker from your mobile phone to record your trips and miles saved during the Clear the Air Challenge.

Go to on your iPhone, Android or Blackberry 6.0 or higher.


The Clear the Air Challenge is open to all Utah travelers who want to make changes in their driving habits to help clear the air. Everyone can drive less and drive smarter – not just work commuters.

This summer, Utah’s families are enthusiastically taking up the challenge to “Drive down your miles!” More families than ever have registered on the website and Rachael Herrscher of Today’s Mama is leading the charge to create a competitive team of mothers across Utah. Be sure to keep your eye on these Utah moms – we expect great things from them!

VIDEO: Utah Families are Taking the Clear the Air Challenge.


Get active! Even though it is hot, you can still use active transportation (such as biking or walking) to commute.

Tips to beat the heat:

  • Head out early to take advantage of the coolest part of the day.
  • Bring a change of clothes for when you arrive.
  • Hydrate! Carry plenty of water.
  • Plan ahead. Leave yourself enough time to avoid having to rush.


New to the Clear the Air Challenge this year, the L-3 Communications team is determined to make their mark. With an initial registration goal of 15 employees, the team has now swelled to include 85 members.

“We want to win,” says team leader Megan Welsh. And they are already working hard to meet that goal, with informational Lunch & Learn sessions for interested employees, tabling at lunch areas, outreach at departmental staff meetings and targeted promotions through their Green Team, Bike Club and other internal organizations.

Luckily, L-3 employees are no stranger to TravelWise strategies. Many participate in the UTA Vanpool program, or utilize carpools and mass transit to get to work. “We also have employees on compressed workweeks and work from home programs,” says Welsh. And what could be the coolest outside-the-box perk is their onsite CSA Farmers Market, which eliminates the need for their employees to make a grocery store run.

L-3 also offers a comprehensive intra-company shuttle and bike service, which allows employees to easily travel from one building to another without the use of their personal vehicle. Select shuttles also travel off campus to other locations that enable their employees to drive less, including FrontRunner at the Salt Lake Intermodal Hub.

“One of our green goals is to educate our employees and reduce resource waste,” says Welsh. “The Challenge raises awareness of our environmental impacts and helps us change our habits and lifestyles for a better tomorrow.”

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Reduce congestion, save energy & improve Utah's air quality. Register & track car trips saved, share stories, videos & photos. Runs August 1-31, 2012.
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