2018 Team Story: Culinary Crafts

Culinary Crafts loved participating in the Clear the Air Challenge this year! We’ve participated for the past 3 years, but 2018 was our best yet! When you cater for thousands of people each year, you see the environmental impact of large-scale events up-close and personal. That’s why our goal is always to make our carbon footprint as small as possible. We embraced that goal in this years challenge! We put fliers to remind our staff to log their trips all over the office (including the bathrooms). We also had a milk and cookies kick-off event where our employees ate car shaped cookies. We even put a bike in our front office for employees to use instead of driving!

Our favorite way to reduce emissions (and something we rocked at during this year’s challenge) is van-pooling! Culinary Crafts offers bonuses to team members who van-pool, but that’s not why we do it. Not only does van-pooling help the environment, it also builds team relationships. Those van rides are a highlight of the job!

Culinary Craft’s efforts to improve air quality in Utah are ongoing. We will continue to do our best for Utah and are already looking forward to next year’s challenge!