Clear the Air Challenge Frequently Asked Questions

The 2023 Clear the Air Challenge is just a week away, and we have heard from many of you that you’re as excited as we are! As we count down the days until July 1st, we want to answer as many questions as we can in order to prepare you for a successful Challenge:

  • How do I join a team if I’m already registered for the Challenge? Simply log into the TrackerWise Tracker, select the “Edit Profile” button on the left-hand side, click “Select My Networks” and use the drop-down menu to find your team.
  • What counts as a trip in the TravelWise Tracker? A single-occupant vehicle trip is any trip you may take from point A to point B. A trip from point B back to point A is considered a second trip. Ask yourself: How many trips would I normally have taken? How many trips did I take? The difference between the questions is your trips saved. For example, If you decide to ride your bike somewhere, you’ve saved 2 trips. If you carpool to your kids’ soccer game, everyone in the car has saved 2 trips. If you telework from home one day, you’ve saved 2 trips.
  • How does the Challenge ensure accurate results? The Clear the Air Challenge is as accurate as the data entered by participants. Therefore, entries are diligently monitored to ensure that Challenge results are accurate. If there is an entry in question, the participant is contacted and the entry is verified.
  • Do teleworking meetings instead of face-to-face meetings count when the meeting is out of state count? Teleworking to meetings out of state do not count as trips saved. Although you are doing your part for nationwide sustainability, this Challenge is geared specifically to Utah. Therefore, only trips saved in Utah are counted.
  • If you use a fuel efficient or electric vehicle, do your trips count? Electric vehicles count, however, hybrids are not included in this distinction.
  • Do you count trips saved if you drive your vehicle to a public transportation outlet or to a carpooling meeting spot? Yes. Even though you are still driving to a destination, you are saving additional miles you would have driven. If you drive to a carpool meeting spot or a public transportation outlet, you can count two trips saved.
  • What if I forget to log my trips? Don’t worry, you have until August 3rd to log all trips taken in July before the results are counted for the official Challenge results. 

Do you have other questions? Reach out to us at with any concerns. We’re here to help make your Challenge a success!