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2018 Team Story: Weber-Morgan Health Department

Walking meetings and walking breaks are a big part of the Weber-Morgan Health Department‘s Worksites Empowered project to encourage local businesses and agencies to implement worksite wellness programs. Our health promotion employees try to embody the concepts they teach as they walk to meet with community partners or plan for their upcoming workshops. In bad weather, they carpool and others skipped a trip to try out some of the in-office workout techniques rather than going off site to the gym.

Interested in learning more about the Worksites Empowered Project?

Join the Weber-Morgan Health Department for a lunch and learn on March 22. To register or more information: Click Here. Cost is $15 and includes lunch and a walking tour of actual healthy worksite ideas. Presentations will be focused on resources available in Weber County but HR and Wellness professionals from anywhere are invited to attend.