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Thank You for Your Support & Participation

Thank you for your unwavering commitment to the Clear the Air Challenge. For over a decade, we have reached remarkable milestones together, demonstrating the power of collective action in improving air quality. Through your dedication, Challenge participants have collectively eliminated over 1.4 million trips, saved an impressive 21 million miles and significantly reduced emissions by […]

What did Utah businesses think about the Clear the Air Challenge?

The 2023 Clear the Air Challenge marked the 14th consecutive year that Utah businesses, organizations and individuals came together to decrease our emissions and clear our state’s air. After the month of competition came to an end, the final statistics were announced: thanks to statewide participation, we were able to reduce 365.1 tons of CO2 […]

How You Can Impact Air Quality All Year Long

It’s official – the 14th annual Clear the Air Challenge is over! Thanks to participation from our communities, businesses and individuals like you, we were able to reduce 365.1 tons of CO2 emissions, eliminate 55,179 trips, reduce 1,027,027.3 miles traveled, save $600,000, and burn 1.9 million calories in just 31 days. However, just because July […]

2023 Clear the Air Challenge Results Announced

The Salt Lake Chamber, along with partners TravelWise Utah and Utah Clean Air Partnership – UCAIR, is excited to announce the results of the 14th annual Clear the Air Challenge. This year’s top honors go to Fidelity Investments for large teams and Architectural Nexus for small teams.  “This past month has shown what we can […]

How to Use the Commute Tracker App to Log Your Clear The Air Challenge Trips

If you’re participating in the Clear the Air Challenge, you know that logging your air-friendly trips in the TravelWise Tracker is the only way to make sure your impact is counted towards the Challenge goals. What you might not know is that the TravelWise Tracker has an app that allows you to log your trips […]

How Do Prizes and Achievement Badges Work?

If you’ve participated in the Clear the Air Challenge before, you might remember that as you log your TravelWise trips throughout the month, you unlock achievement badges. These badges show what you’ve accomplished during the Challenge, and they also serve as entries into our weekly opportunity drawings. Long story short: the more badges you unlock, […]

Clear the Air Challenge Frequently Asked Questions

The 2023 Clear the Air Challenge is just a week away, and we have heard from many of you that you’re as excited as we are! As we count down the days until July 1st, we want to answer as many questions as we can in order to prepare you for a successful Challenge: How […]

2023 Clear the Air Challenge Kicks Off

Clear the Air Challenge lasts one month to build Travelwise habits and improve air quality The Salt Lake Chamber, along with its partners Utah Clean Air Partnership (UCAIR) and TravelWise, kicked off the 14th Annual Clear the Air Challenge today. Issued by business, government and community leaders, the Challenge is a month-long competition designed to […]

Improving Your Transportation Strategies in Three Easy Steps

No matter who you are or how you travel, you have the power to make a significant impact on improving Utah’s air quality. By incorporating TravelWise strategies into your daily commute and beyond, you and your fellow Utahns can play a crucial role. In fact, it only takes three simple steps to explore alternative transportation […]

Clear the Air Challenge: What You Need to Know About Ozone

During times of air quality issues, many articles and social media posts will mention “ozone” as a factor. However, many people are uninformed about what ozone is and does, and how it can potentially affect their health. Here’s what you need to know to stay safe and informed: What is ozone? Ozone, also referred to […]